Orchids Everlasting Joy!



  We Have a wide variety of vigorous plants  for sale from seedling to larger specimens.  Please feel free to contact us if you want more than one of each orchid plant we will gladly check for availability. Sometimes we may one have a few of a specific orchid plant.

Payment methods are Check, Paypal, or Paypal invoice sent to you.  Please E-mail us  to order gift certificates .

Give a everlasting gift!  Orchid Plants make great gifts! Most orchid flowers last for at least a month, some last longer! Orchid plants should re- flower every year!

We are a very small  Colorado company  located in Greeley Colorado dedicated to sharing our love and passion for Orchids.

 Are you tired of "run of the mill" orchids? Well look no further!

Need to ship A gift? We can do it for you, we ship all over the US ! We also have gift certificates!

Wholesale orders accepted with the right credentials.

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We are charter members of  Northern Colorado Orchid Society

We meet once a month on the first Friday of the month at the Greeley Senior Center from 7:00 to about 8:30. Sept. through May.

For more info please contact Bonnie at:

 Phone 970-352-4735970-352-4735 or 720-470-9295720-470-9295

Fax 970-356-5794


 Our Colorado Greenhouse tours are by appointment only.


 We do every thing we can to keep our plants bug, virus, bacteria, and fungus free. We cannot control them after they leave our greenhouse they are sold as is.  We do not ship if weather is bad!